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Agueda, on the left. She cooked about 250 pancakes that day ! Kudos to her !

Quand le boss travaille, tout le monde s'arrête pour regarder...

M. Balbinot and his family

Isabelle, Richard, Guillaume & Francis

Mr. & Mrs. Docking, and Kimberly

Mr. Groth and Mr. Wishart

Mrs. Webb, Mr. & Mrs. Zadow, Mrs. Nicoll

Mr. Tolnay-Knefely, Mr. Kai-Samba, Mr. Cieslik

Mr. Tolnay-Knefely & Mr. Cieslik

Monsieur Drenou et Mademoiselle !

Mrs. Docking, Mr. Drenou and Mr. De la Calle

Mr. Balbinot and family

Mr. Kai-Samba and Mrs. Webb

Mrs. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Zadow, Mrs. Nicoll

Mr. Groth & Mr. Wishart

Sometimes eating pancakes requires a lot of concentration...

Isabelle, Richard, Guillaume & Francis

Kimberly Docking

Getting to know your neighbours...

Mme Drenou

Le Patron et Mme Drenou aux fourneaux

Philippe and Mr. Dajka


Mr. Tolnay-Knefely, Mr. Dajka & Mr Cieslik



Mrs. Sundqvist, Mrs. Bousquet & Mr. Alameri

Rue Souveraine team, and Mrs. Drenou

Eva and Philippe (who pretends to be working)

Mr. Goodwin

Mme Drenou & her guests

Mrs. Webb, Mr. & Mrs. Zadow, Mrs. Nicoll

Mme Neuss & M. Dajka

The Party Queens !

Cristina & Mrs. Sundqvist

Eva et Klervi Drenou

M. Longoni & Mme Neuss

M. Longoni

Mrs. Neuss

M. Adeagbo

Mr. Köhler

A devoted team