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M. Drenou, Mr. Docking & Mrs. Sachter

Mr. Sborgi (on the right) and a friend

Mr. Service, Mr. Pittaway (at the back) and Guillaume du Gardier

Mr. Hébert and Mr. Taal

Mr. Roberts and Mrs. Askam

Mr. Davies

Behind the bar : Rui, Eva, Ruben and Agueda

Nicolas, Katarina and Philippe

Eva, Agueda and Katarina

Nicolas and Cristina

Klervi Drenou

Philippe, Hubert, Agueda and Eva. Cheers !


Cristina, Philippe and Hubert

Mrs. and Mr. Wishart, Mrs. and Mr. Zadow

Mr. & Mrs. Sachter, M. Chance

Mrs. Askam & Mr. Pittaway

Mr. Wishart & Mr. Zadow

Mrs. Drenou, Xavier Hébert, Mr. Tolnay & Mr. Schoon

The Buffet is open !

Hubert Debiesme, a happy architect !

Mr. Martenson and Mrs. Sundqvist

Mrs. Neuss and Mr. Roberts

Mr. Tolnay, Mr. Schoon & Philippe

Mr. Elsner, a friend and Mr. Link.
(or "How to say hello in Japanese").