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Jun 01, 2008

Ommegang 2008



This procession from Grand Sablon to the Grand-Place began in the Middle-Ages as a religious event and is now one of Brussels’ best-known annual events.

The Ommegang celebrates the arrival of a statue of the Virgin from Antwerp. The procession is now re-enacted by more than 1400 performers in period costumes. It ends with a traditional parade on the Grand-Place.

An equestrian joust event will take place at the Place du Sablon, with free entry for everyone. Three teams of Belgian, French and English riders will confront each other, and the medieval town set up in front of the square of the Sablon Church will be enlarged with activities work of joinery and scenes of medieval daily life.

Tournaments at the Sablon : 1-2 and 3 july at 4 pm

Show at the Grand Place of Brussels : 1 and 3 july


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